Photo by Melanie Greene

Photo by Melanie Greene

I'm a #1 New York Times bestselling author with over 6 million copies of my books in print in 32 languages. 

My love of storytelling started young. In preschool I had a weird obsession with anything tragic, from Medea to Macbeth.  And, yes, it was the 70s when no one asked if content was child-appropriate. 

Later I discovered Tom Lehrer and came home from school to listen to his albums for hours.  When I started babysitting I spent my money on Weird Al Yancovic cassettes. 

And somewhere between my obsession with royalty brought low and The Rolling Stones set to polka you have The Nanny Diaries

As a creative coach, I believe it's the audience's God-given right to be entertained.  As a journalist, I want to know what drives people, what excites them, and how they get through the days when it doesn't all come together.  As an artist I believe in sitting quietly for a few minutes every day to keep that channel open to the magical place where the words come from. 

And chocolate.  Dear God, I believe in chocolate.